Personal Injury

Our team is dedicated to helping you recover from your injury, whether it was sustained in the workplace, a car accident, or a slip and fall.


Criminal Matters

If you are charged with a crime, don’t let it severely affect your future. We are here to defend you in state and federal cases.


Traffic/ License Restoration

From minor tickets to serious offenses, our experienced attorneys will provide you the best legal representation and help to keep your driving record clean.


The Rogers Brand

To maintain a personal relationship with God that’s reflected in all we do as we strive to allow our daily moments of meditation to provide guidance, direction and compassion for others, and our advocacy for our clients and our community.

To honor our parents, care for our children respect our elders and love our brothers;   humbly accepting criticisms, while striving to inspire all toward their greatness.

To face each day and each circumstance with, non bias, thoughtful analysis, discipline.  And a fair sense of the issues and responsibilities inherit in our position, while seizing the moment to make a difference in the rooms we enter and in the lives of the people whose path we cross.

The Rogers Law Firm, PLLC is a North Carolina Firm dedicated to representing clients on many types of matters.  Our law firm is dedicated to safeguarding our clients’ rights and obtaining the best possible case outcome on their behalf.

“I really appreciate the professionalism and the quick response time with my personal matter. They made me feel like a valued person not just a customer.”

Janet B

I truly am grateful for this law firm. I had a very complex case that other law firms turned me away. This law firm feels like family. They felt my pain and have been doing all they can to help me. I wish more law firms were like family.

Thank you Atty Rogers! You’ve been so helpful again and again for my entire family! An attorney with a heart! I’m a loyal customer for life!

Overall the firm generally cares about people and the community and it shows.